Digital Learning Day #2

Our second day of digital learning was a WHOLE lot of fun!  It was the first time I declared a BYOD event and it was tremendous. Eighteen students brought their own device so we had non-stop opportunities to share and learn some of the latest games and apps around.  A HUGE draw was Minecraft.  We set up Mrs. Petuya’s World and started building.  There is an art gallery, a fossil museum, and a roller coaster so far.  So many students were able to be the teacher and really get me off to a great start on this impressive game.  There is so much knowledge embedded in this popular game, that you can’t help but absorb facts and learn to make better decisions as you create your world.  I am looking forward to playing it often. We also found out about an app called 2048. You will definitely learn your doubles facts and some programming basics as you play.  Another thoroughly engaging app is Video Star.  Several students collaborated and created an adorable little music video to go with a song called “I Heart Hand Signs”.  It will soon be posted on my YouTube Channel if you would like to watch it. I will email you the link so you can easily find it.

I wish we had enough time left in the school year to do it again. Many teachers at Carroll are very curious about what we have been creating with technology in our classroom this year.  So I suspect that my students will have more opportunities for BYOD, blogging, and making movies in the future.

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