Pioneer Day is Approaching!

On June 19th, our 2nd grade classes will be stepping back in time to become Pioneers of the Westward Movement.  We will have a full morning of historical activities, crafts, and a pioneer-style snack.  This will be an amazing time of REAL learning about the early days of our country.  Don’t miss out on this very special event.  The cost is only $4.00 to cover the purchase of needed materials.

Parent volunteers are still needed to make this day possible.  High school siblings are welcome, too!

covered wagon

One thought on “Pioneer Day is Approaching!

  1. Dear Mrs Petuya,
    The five most important things I would pack in my Wagon for the old Oregon trail would be
    1 barrels of water
    2 food
    3 money
    4 sewing kits with cloth and leather
    5 extra cows for milk and to eat if needed
    Zoë Mander

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