Dinosaurs and Fossils

We have been learning about dinosaurs and fossils.  One fact is some dinosaurs walk on 4 feet and 2 feet, like the maiasaura.  We enjoyed researching dinosaurs and studying them.  Another fact is fossils can be found in mud, sand, and ice.  Minerals seep in to make the bones turn into stone.  We made Sponge Bob turn into Fossil Bob.  It was fun to make a fake fossil.  Have you studied dinosaurs and fossils?

Malia, Aidan, Justin, and Cailie

3 thoughts on “Dinosaurs and Fossils

  1. I think learning about dinosaurs and fossils was really cool because dinosaurs are really big and scary. I enjoyed learning about fossils because they are really old and help teach us how the dinosaurs existed.

    • Dear Zoe,
      You’re right, people do learn a great deal from the fossils that are found. But I think you can make any situation into a time for learning!
      Mrs. P.

  2. Dear Mrs Petuya,
    Learning about dinosaurs and fossils could teach us what it was like in the past.A fossil could describe the weight of a dinosaur bone.A dinosaur is an interesting reptile to learn about. What other fossils can you dig up today?

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