Our Cinderella Project

We enjoyed making 3-D art for our Cinderella stories.  For example, you draw your Cinderella character.  Then, you color the background.  Also the cool part is you get to cut out the 3-D part so your character can stand up.  In conclusion, it was fun to illustrate our own Cinderella story.  Have you ever tried making 3-D art?

Zoe, Bela, Brian

4 thoughts on “Our Cinderella Project

  1. It was fun making the 3-D cinderela art project. Mrs. Petuya’s drawings are very good to look at.[ :


  2. Dear Alisha,
    I am glad that you enjoyed the 3-D project. It’s one of my favorites. I like surrounding our classroom with student artwork and projects. Thanks for the compliment!
    Mrs. P.

    • Dear, Mrs. Petuya

      I like the classroom to be surrounded too. I am excited for the next 3D art project.


  3. Making the 3-D art was fun. My favorite part was coloring the back round and the flour. What is your favorite part

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