Only Eight Weeks Left!

Oh my goodness!  We checked the calendar today and realized that we only have eight more weeks of second grade.  So we looked at our progress notes and each student wrote a goal they hope to achieve.  As you look over their progress note and goal,  I hope you take a few minutes and help your child list actions that will lead them to their goal.  For example, many students set a goal to reach 100 points in Scholastic Reading Counts.  In order to succeed, they will need to be reading extensively outside of class and discussing the characters and events of each story with someone at home before taking a quiz at school. They will also have to be diligent in using their time wisely at school so they can frequently use the classroom computer to take quizzes. You can also arrange time to take quizzes right after school in our classroom or in the computer lab.

Mrs. P

12 thoughts on “Only Eight Weeks Left!

  1. I’m really excited about going to 3rd grade!
    But I’m sad because not all my friends will be
    in the same class as me. I wonder who’s class I will be in next year.

    • Dear Sufian,
      Moving to the next grade opens up many possibilities. I am sure you will have a good time. But I will miss you.
      Mrs. P.

  2. Dear Taison,
    I feel the same way as you do. New opportunities are always exciting, but saying goodbye is not easy. Let’s be sure to enjoy our time together now.
    Mrs. P.

  3. It is awesome that we only have 8 weeks left of 2nd grade. I am excited to be in 3rd grade but I am going to miss being in Mrs. Petuya’s class. Hope we can come visit you on our recess.

  4. Dear Mrs Petuya,

    I am excited about going to the third grade, I will miss all my friends here in second grade. I think the next eight weeks will be fun because we are going to do some cool things. I look forward to the video conference and reading as many books as I can to get more points on Scholastic!

    Jaden O.

    • Dear Jaden O,
      I am glad you are excited about our last few weeks together. You are right! There will be many exceptional activities for us to work on. What project ideas do you have?
      Mrs. P.

  5. Dear Mrs Petuya,
    I’m excited to go to 3 grade,but I’ll miss 2nd grade and you Mrs Petuya .We are going to get more education to get smarter.Third grade is going to harder but we have to try.I wonder what it will be like without you Mrs Petuya?

    • Dear Grace,
      I will miss you, too. I am so glad to see your plan to try harder to get more knowledge. I hope you come back and visit me.
      Mrs. P.

  6. Dear Mrs.Petuya,
    I will miss you when I will be in third grade.Thank you for teaching me about math,science,reading,social studies,art.Thank you for all of the support in the past.And I know that this will be the best eight weeks in second grade.Please respond to me.


    • Dear Karisse,
      I will miss you, too. But we will have a great deal of fun for the next few weeks. What do you want to study next in class?
      Mrs. P.

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