Important Dates

calendarLibrary books are due on Mondays
January Homework Folders with completed packets are due by Thursday, January 29th.
Friday, January 30th is a Minimum Day.  All Kindergartners will attend the morning session.
Our next field trip will be Friday, February 27th.  We will walk to Franklin HS to see their Children’s Theater production of Peter Pan.  There is limited space so only 4 chaperones may attend.  Please contact me ASAP if you would like to attend. The cost is $5 per ticket.  Chaperones need to pay the fee also.

Mark Your Calendar!

crab (1)The Carroll Crab Feed is coming January 30th!  And we need your help to make it a grand success.  Please consider the following:

Volunteer to set up, serve or clean up
Ask a local business to donate an item or coupon
Donate a special desert for the auction
Buy a ticket and come enjoy the event (I have 2 seats open at my table. Send me an email if you are interested.)

For more info, stop by the office or contact Pegah Mazloom, your PTA President at: 707-365-0495

Carrots and Radishes and Weeds, Oh My!

download (1)

We met our Big Buddies in the garden today.  It was impressive!  Our garden bed had a forest of carrots and weeds.  It was hard to see what was ready to be picked.  But we took our time and looked carefully.  The Big Buddies helped us dig down and loosen the soil so we could each get a carrot out.  We were surprised when some of us pulled up radishes instead!  Everyone got at least one vegetable to take home.  There are many more in the garden bed.  We will have to go back next week and finish our harvest.  Then we will wash the vegetables and taste them in class.  We also talked about how we could make our garden better the next time we start planting.

Learning to Add

downloadWe started writing addition sentences this week.  We are using the plus (+) symbol and the equal (=) symbol.  We have been using different strategies to solve the addition problems.  One way is to draw a picture. Another was is to act it out. Next week we will use models to show the solution. We have also been learning to explain how we group sets of dots in our minds.  It is interesting to hear how other students see them differently and still count correctly.

Another skill we are working on is writing numbers from 1- 30 (and beyond!).  It is still a challenge for many in the class to get past 20.  Please look over your student’s work and see where they need extra practice.  I will send a blank worksheet for you to copy and use at home.  I think a reasonable goal is for each child to be able to neatly write 1-30 on their own in 10-12 minutes. Try it at home and let me know how it goes.  If it is too frustrating, provide a sample for them to follow.



Happy New Year!

download (7)2015 here we come! I certainly enjoyed my vacation time, but it filled me with joy to see all my smiling Kindergartners this morning. We got to welcome a new student to our class named Landan. Carson was the child of the day and he choose Landan to be his helper. How friendly is that? 😀
We reviewed Chapter 4 in Math and practiced our first 20 sight words today. We had a good time at recess because we got to visit with our A-track and D-track friends. We ended our day in the computer lab using ABCya and Lexia. Tomorrow we will visit the library and choose a new book.