Learning to Add

downloadWe started writing addition sentences this week.  We are using the plus (+) symbol and the equal (=) symbol.  We have been using different strategies to solve the addition problems.  One way is to draw a picture. Another was is to act it out. Next week we will use models to show the solution. We have also been learning to explain how we group sets of dots in our minds.  It is interesting to hear how other students see them differently and still count correctly.

Another skill we are working on is writing numbers from 1- 30 (and beyond!).  It is still a challenge for many in the class to get past 20.  Please look over your student’s work and see where they need extra practice.  I will send a blank worksheet for you to copy and use at home.  I think a reasonable goal is for each child to be able to neatly write 1-30 on their own in 10-12 minutes. Try it at home and let me know how it goes.  If it is too frustrating, provide a sample for them to follow.



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