Virtual Trip to Alaska!

I have checked and rechecked all connections. On Monday we should be able to participate in our first videoconference with a park ranger from Denali National Park in Alaska. We will extend our knowledge about arctic animals with an in-person lesson from an expert in the field. We will connect via Skype so we can see and talk to the ranger in real time. We will be talking about animals that live in the park today and also those that lived there long, long ago. We are all looking forward to this unique opportunity!

Here’s a link to their website in case you are curious about Denali National Park.

I have been unable to solve the connectivity problem with the Glacier Bay ranger program, so I have not rescheduled that virtual trip.

December Busy-ness

After a well-deserved month off-track, we certainly packed December with learning and laughter. The December birthdays were combined with the November dates for a rollicking party. There are plenty of photos on our Shutterfly Site to prove it. Thank you to our terrific volunteers! I couldn’t do it without you.

Speaking of volunteers, Miss Starla made it back from her injury. No one was happier than I to see her smiling face and capable hands at our door. She also bought everyone a knit hat to stay warm on chilly recess days.

We celebrated the Hour of Code with many experiences related to computer programming. Be sure to check out our videos called Hour of Code, We Love Bee-bots, and Ozobots in TK. Just click on the Class Video tab and scroll down to find those titles.

We read and compared several versions of the story of the Gingerbread Man. The students also got really good at retelling the story. They used puppets, small animals, and flannel board characters. They even got to act it out in small groups.

We were surprised when The Gingerbread Man showed up in our classroom. He was very interested in what we were doing, but one day he suddenly disappeared! It didn’t take long before we started receiving texts and photo clues from him. So we became detectives and set out to search for him. You can check out the video of this adventure here.

Other special guests brought us beautiful music. Mr. Seifert, his guitar, and his fourth graders came by to sing holiday songs with us. It was a bit intimidating because we didn’t know many of the words and they were so big, but it was still a good time. Another treat was when Athena’s mom played her harp for us. It was enchanting! You can view a short video of it here. She promised to come again, too.

Wishing blessings and peace to you and your families.

Mrs. P.

The Hour of Code

download (1)
Have you heard of The Hour of Code? It began just three years ago as a small event to introduce students to computer programming. Hadi Partovi, a computer programmer and businessman, noticed that most students have no opportunity to learn computer science (CS) before college, especially girls and minorities. So he started and launched the first Hour of Code in December 2013. It has grown immensely with over 311,000,000 students participating worldwide, including President Obama. More importantly, nearly half a million teachers have been trained, 120 school districts now offer CS courses, and 20 states have changed policies to support CS.

I have had my classes participate each year since the beginning. The training and support materials are likely the best professional development I have ever received. I am able to weave these important skills into our lessons throughout the year, so your child gets much more than just one hour of computer science instruction. Soon each student will be using the website to build even more skills. You can do it, too! It is my hope that you and your child will continue learning CS together at home. I bet you never imagined that your TK student would have such an opportunity! #futurereadynow

Important Requests

Dear TK Families,

Welcome back to school! I am excited to start our second trimester, how about you?

I have a couple of important requests. First, I have been unable to come up with coat racks for our class so I am solving the storage problem in a different way:

From now on, please do NOT send a backpack with your child. Just send a labeled snack bag daily. For occasional toileting accidents, send a change of clothes in a labeled Ziploc bag which will stay at school.

Also, our class is in need of additional volunteers. We have been so fortunate to have Miss Starla (Jalisia’s mom) as a daily helper for the entire first trimester. Unfortunately, she was injured in a fall and will be unable to participate for several weeks. Please check your schedule and let me know when you can volunteer. Click on the Volunteer link above to add yourself our Weekly Helpers or Special Guest Helper lists on Shutterfly. The most important times that need coverage are 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM.

Don’t Forget!
Fog Willow Farm Field Trip
Monday, October 31st

Class Time: 10:15 AM – 1:46 PM
Bring a sack lunch with drink. Labeled!
NO backpacks needed
Dress for the weather
Bus Departs: 10:45 AM
Bus Returns: 1:45 PM
Chaperones must carpool are drive on their own

Mrs. P

More Pumpkin Projects






We had such a fun week with our pumpkins. We estimated the number of seeds and counted every one of them! We will wait a little longer before we tell you the exact number. You really need to submit your guess. Be bold and post it in a comment below.

We had a BLAST with the Mini Pumpkin Challenge. We each had to build a block structure as tall as we could but, it had to support a mini pumpkin on top. Lots of pictures are posted on our Shutterfly Site. I hope you are inspired to try this as a family challenge at home. If you don’t have small wooden blocks, try using something else. But everyone has to use the same type of materials. Have fun! Post a few pics so we can enjoy it with you.

Important Reminders

IMG_0140Field trip permission forms and $11.00 fee are due this Thursday, September 29th. Late forms will not be accepted. If your child will not be attending the Fog Willow Farm trip on October 31st, please let me know.

Friday, September 30th is a minimum day and so we will be on an early schedule. Our class time is 7:45 AM – 11:16 AM.

We are off-track from Oct 3rd to Oct 25. I will see you back in class on Wednesday, October 26th at our regular time: 11:04 AM to 2:35 PM

Field Trip to Fog Willow Farm

We are going to Fog Willow Farm next month! Please turn in your permission slip and payment now. Student cost is $11.00. Chaperone cost is $4.00. Everyone receives a small pumpkin to take home. Chaperones must provide own transportation. Our bus will depart school at 10:45 AM and return at 1:45 PM. Students and chaperones will need to bring a small sack lunch including a drink.

If you want to purchase a special class photo from Fog Willow Farm, send a separate labeled envelope with $6.00 cash.

Fun Run Fundraiser Ends Tuesday

Dear Families,
Our kiddos ran their little hearts out on Friday. Nearly every student finished 40 laps! It was a tremendous amount of fun. Be sure to congratulate them on their efforts and enjoy the video I made about it.

You have until Tuesday, September 6th to participate in the Carroll Fun Run fundraising efforts. You can send in your pledges to class or use The Fun Run team will be stopping by to collect pledges and pass out prizes.

What a Success!

Dearest TK Families,
Thank you for making our Olypmic Day such a tremendous event! Eleven parents from just our class were able to make time in their schedules to join in the fun. Wow! Many parents and siblings from other kindergarten classes were also on hand to set-up, clean-up and supervise the games. Volunteers help make it all happen! And if you see Mrs. Deming, be sure to thank her because she pulled it all together, including the spectacular decorations. If you took some good photos, please add them to our Shutterfly album for all of our families to see.