Blogging Buddies: Minecraft

Minecraft is the best game ever!  In Minecraft you can go on adventures.  For example, you can make a portal and go the nether or the end.  Another thing you can do in Minecraft is tame cats and dogs.  You can tame an animal with a bone and raw fish.  You can also go fishing but first you have to craft a fishing rod and a boat.  Minecraft is a good game because you can learn about animals.  This is why Minecraft should be our homework.  What would you do if you were new at playing Minecraft?

3rd Grade: Paul, Ryan, Thomas, Lucas
2nd Grade: Justin, Charles, Taison, Jayden J

13 thoughts on “Blogging Buddies: Minecraft

  1. Another fact is that you can use dye to make the sheep that color and sheer them so you don’t have to kill them

  2. Another fact is you can change your dogs color with dye.What system do you play minecraft on?What are your favorite animals?I really liked your blog.

  3. Another fact is that you can change your dogs collar with dye.What is your favorite animal in minecraft.I really liked your blog.

  4. I like minecraft because it challenges my creativity.My favorite part is crafting diamond swords and designing my own house.The best part is enchanting weapons and armor.

  5. I love playing Minecraft too! It’s so awesome. My favorite thing to do is build houses and cages for me and my animals.
    What lesson would we learn from doing Minecraft as homework?

  6. I like how you said you can tame a cat or a dog so now I know how to do it.
    I play minecraft too.
    Also did you know that there are pig men like zombies? They won’t fight you if do not hit them.

    Isabella Angeles

  7. I love playing Minecraft. I like building houses and animal statues like wolves. I like going to survival mode. I really like to build golems. Golems are protectors. There are a lot of golems like iron golems and snow golems. Minecraft is awesome because you can build anything. You can build songs with note blocks. What do you like to build? Real things, random things, or cities? What is is your favorite animal? Wolf, ocelot, or a cat?

  8. I love Minecraft. I like to build and make a house,make diamond armor,machines,swords, tame animals,and farms.What do you like to do in Minecraft?

  9. I love to play Minecraft.But I get scared because of creepers because they creep up on you and BOOM!They blow up right in your face and lose hearts.but then I remember that I have the setting on peacful mode when I have no one has joined my world.I really like Minecraft but I don’t really play often by myself only a few times a month.

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