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Salmon I have scheduled a video conference through the California State Parks Dept.  We will be speaking with Ranger Ryan on Wednesday afternoon while he is in the Del Norte Coast State Park near Crescent City.  We will be learning about the life cycle and habitat of salmon and the importance of our natural resources.  We are preparing thoughtful questions and hope to make this an engaging learning time. One thing I find  pleasantly surprising is that this virtual field trip is totally free to our students.

Mrs. P 😀

P.S. I have another video conference scheduled for June, but I’ll tell you more about that one later.

20 thoughts on “Our Next Video Conference

  1. I think this will be great. I know that Native Americans eat salmon. I know that because I am a Pomo Native American. How many different kinds of salmon are there?

  2. I am so excited because it is only 2 days left.
    Salmon is very heathy and taste really good.
    How do you know what kind of salmon is it?

    • Dear Samantha,
      I agree with you, salmon is very tasty. I am glad that it is so healthy, too. Be sure to ask Ranger Ryan about how to identify salmon. Have you ever gone fishing before?
      Mrs. P.

  3. Dear Malia,
    Be sure to ask Ranger Ryan about the types of salmon on Wednesday. Thank you for being our example of how to write a blog comment. I hope other students follow your lead.
    Mrs. P.

  4. There are seven types of Salmon. These are
    Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Chum, Pinks, Atlantic Salmon, and Steelhead. Salmon are amazing creatures. How many Salmon body parts are there?

    • Dear Meher,
      Thanks for adding this information. We will be studying more about salmon tomorrow. What do you think makes salmon so amazing?
      Mrs. P.

      • I think salmons are amazing because they can jump the stream and no other fish could do that.How could the salmon jump up the stream?

  5. Dear Samantha what type of species of salmon do you think there are.Do you think ranger ryan can name all types of salmon and do you love to eat salmon I know I love salmon

  6. Dear Mrs.Petuya
    I’m anxious to learn about salmon.
    Did you know salmon are healthy?
    Sometimes I like to eat salmon but
    sometimes I want to eat something else.
    I wonder what Ranger Ryan is going to tell us about salmon?

    • Dear Taison,
      I agree with you. Sometimes I want to eat salmon, but sometimes I choose other food. I have been told that eating salmon is healthy for us. But is it healthy for the salmon?
      Mrs. P

  7. Dear Ms. Petuya,
    I am excited to learn about Salmon and their unique long journeys they take every year.

    Do you know how long Salmons live?

    • Dear Jayden V,
      I am looking forward to our video conference, too. What makes a salmon’s journey so unique? I wonder how far they travel? I am not sure how long salmon live. Be sure to ask Ranger Ryan tomorrow.
      Mrs. P.

  8. Dear Mrs.Petuya,

    Fact of Salmons

    I have a lot of facts about salmons. I will tell four
    facts about salmons. In the Pacific Northwest,
    Atlantic salmons have not taken over rivers forcing out native salmons. Another fact is, salmons are incredibly efficient eaters. Also, farmed salmons are rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Lastly, Salmon are intensively produced in aquaculture in many parts of the world. I hope you have a fun time reading about salmons.

    • Dear Justin,
      Thank you for sharing these facts about salmon. But I still have some questions. What makes salmon efficient eaters? What is aquaculture?
      Mrs. P

  9. I think salmon are cool fish because they live in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but most are born in fresh water then migrate back to the ocean. They come through our river to leave their babies. My dad fishes for them, and my mom loves to eat them. Do you know how many fish babies the salmon moms carry?

    • Dear Brian,
      Thank you for the extra information about salmon. How many salmon has your dad caught? Have you ever gone fishing with him? Where does your dad go to fish?
      Mrs. P.

  10. I think my dad caught about six salmon, and they were huge! Now, my dad just fishes for bass in tournaments. I went fishing with him many times, but only for trout and bass. He fished for salmon on the river in the greenhaven area. He bass fished on all the lakes in the area and all the way to Arizona.

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