Art Showcase Success!

paint-pallet-788947_960_720Oh my goodness! The first Carroll Elementary Art Showcase was a stunning event. The MP room was transformed into a very special art gallery. There were watercolors, finger-painting, mixed media, charcoal drawings, tissue-paper collages, wire sculpture and yarn sculpture. Over 1,100 pieces of art were displayed. Ms. Haley Hauder, Mr. Hauder’s daughter, was able to design, organize, and provide age-appropriate art lessons to every student in our school with remarkable results. Special thanks go to the group of teachers that set-up the exhibition because that was quite an undertaking in itself. Thanks also to the Student Leadership Team that provided refreshments for visitors for such a low cost.
You can see a few photos of the event in our Twitter feed. Eventually, I will add them to our Shutterfly account.

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