Back on Track Busy-ness!

Last week flew by so quickly that I couldn’t even catch my breath to leave a post.  We had 2 special visitors on our first day back on track.  We met Snickers and Kevin, a cow and calf from the Dairy Council’s outreach program.  We learned quite a bit about cows and even had a chance to pet Kevin. Did you know a cow’s stomach has four chambers and they chew their food twice?

This week we had a special assembly with Phil Tulga.  He taught us about music, sound, and vibrations.  He even blew out a candle by playing a drum! has more info and games to play as you learn about sound.

In Science, we are studying the life cycle of plants.  We investigated some lima beans today and discovered the embryo inside, ready to grow into a new plant.

We have also enjoyed sharing our Book Bag Projects.  The puppets and letters and new endings have been so creative.  Every student was well prepared to tell about the chapter book they read.  The projects are now on display in our room and look fantastic!

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