New Soar to Success Assignments Posted

Hello Friends!

Bela, Taison, Yaseen, Charles, Cailie, Sufian, Justin, and Jayden V have now joined the “I Did It!” group by finishing up Chapter 1 Soar to Success.  Sophia, James, Jaden O, and Alisha are on their way to also joining this group. Keep going!  I know you can do it!

I have posted assignments to help us master Chapter 2 Numbers to 1,000.  This next chapter is foundational to understanding place value relationships.  There are lessons with Curious George and games to practice these skills. I have also posted the next set of Soar to Success assignments for you to get started on.


See you on Monday,
Mrs. Petuya 😀

2 thoughts on “New Soar to Success Assignments Posted

  1. Is there a specific web browser that works best for the soar to success program. We always end up crashing, and I am not sure if it is computer, or just simply that we are using the wrong web browser.

    • We use Explorer here at school with few issues. I have heard that sometimes Chrome or Mozilla Firefox work better. Try one of those and let me know if it still crashes.Then I can check with our tech folks for other ideas.

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