Library Time

Tuesday was our first day of Library. Every student picked out a book from our school library. We will have library time each Tuesday until we track off on August 6th. Please read with your child and ask them questions about what happens in the story. Also ask them “Concepts of Print” questions such as:
• Show me the front cover of the book.
• Show me the back cover of the book.
• What do you call the name of the story? (Title)
• Point to the title of the book.
• What does the author do? (Writes the story)
• What does the illustrator do?
(Draws the pictures for the story)
• Show me where to start reading.
• Count the words in one sentence.
• Point to a period. Ask, “What is this called?”
• Point to a question mark. Ask, “What is this called?
It is important to keep the books clean and dry. I recommend keeping the book in a large Zip-loc bag so the book stays separated from any liquids or snacks in backpacks. Library books are due back at school every Monday for the Librarian (Miss June) to check in before our next trip. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Thank you,
Mrs. Petuya