Lesson from Antarctica

Today we connected with researchers working in Antarctica! We logged on to a live webinar sponsored by TFK (Time For Kids) and heard from a science reporter and two scientists who live and work at a research science station there. We used Twitter to send questions but apparently ours couldn’t get through.  We still learned many new facts.  Did you know that Antarctica is a desert?  There are many rivers and lakes underneath all that ice, but it is always too cold to rain.  The record high temperature is just 7.5 F!  Students were also surprised to learn that there are no polar bears in Antarctica, but there are a couple types of insects that survive there!  It was a special morning being able use technology to learn directly from actual scientists while they are thousands of miles away.

If you want to extend the experience, check out the resources at this link: http://www.timeforkids.com/news/destination-antarctica/136686

Mrs. Petuya

2 thoughts on “Lesson from Antarctica

  1. Yes, it was a great experience to connect with researches, reporters and other classes. I will be looking for more opportunities to do that in the future.
    Mrs. P.

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