Homework for 7/22-7/26

Reading:  Read out loud 15 min. daily
Spelling:   work online at spellingcity.com/carroll2ndgrade 10 min. daily; Use “Getting Started” list
Math: work online at thinkcentral.com 10 min. daily; User name: your student’s ID number; Password: school
Social Studies:  “Me Bag” project: Put 3 favorite items in a bag or small box; decorate the outside; be ready to share with the class.
Special Request: Choose a favorite preschool storybook to share. Practice reading it outloud so you can read it to the class.

4 thoughts on “Homework for 7/22-7/26

  1. Dear Mrs.Petuya,

    I don’t know why I cannot login to Thinkcentral.com. I tried so many times. Could you help me?

    Thank You,

    • Because you are new to our district it is taking some extra time to get you into the system. Please be patient. I will get you added to my class as soon as your info is processed and available. I was told that it should be fine in another day or so. I will keep checking on it.

      Mrs. Petuya

      • You should be able to log on to thinkcentral.com and work on the assignments now. Please let me know if there is still a problem.
        Mrs. Petuya

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