Movie: Melissa’s The Doubledutch Competition

Turn up your computer’s volume, please. THE DOUBLEDUTCH COMPETITION (Katherine jumps rope) “Hey Katerine”,Melissa says. “Yeah”,Katherine replys. “Want to compete against me in doubledutch?”, Melissa asks. “Sure why not I already know I can beat you”,Katherine said. “Haha, don’t make… Continue Reading


Script/Movie: Rachel’s The One of a kind Backpack

Rachel:”Hello earth and behond I’m hear to sell you a one of a kind item and it’s called the every thing holder or backpack.” “You know how your always carrying your textbook,your papers,your pencils,lid pencil,your folders,and everything all falls apart… Continue Reading


Script/Storyboard/Movie: Katherine’s The Jump Rope Contest

(Establishing shot) “Hey Melissa” I said. “What ?”Melissa said. “I changlle you in jumprope”I said. “Why do I want to ?” Melissa said. “Because, and pluse your going to lose !”I said. “Oh yeah ?” Melissa asked. “Yeah!” I said.… Continue Reading