1. I loved the acting.
    This is supposed to be a commercil.


  2. I liked but you cut too long when Litzy said “Wow”.
    I liked how Litzy and Melissa came shivering. 🙂

  3. I liked how she used the effects on the title. The editing was abit too fast. I liked the music.

    • Thanks for always commenting on my movies and always find the parts I need to work on .

  4. The music was going during the movie.
    Yoyu should work on the shot when they were just standing there.

  5. I liked the music it didn’t mess up the movie and also it was well edited. I liked how Litzy said “Do what you gotta do” I was about to say that ,but I messed up. Avina I think you messed up on one of your lines. I liked the acting it had alot of expression.

    • Hey thanks for acting in my movie you were great too and it’s okay if you mess up because the moveie was great edit and litzy away have great acting like you so never think that your not good at any thing so think that you are great at acting in every movie or at something .

  6. “Hey do you want a jacket .”said Avina.

    “Yes I do.” said Litzy and Melissa.

    “Well here it is .”said Avina.

    “Wow thats a cool jacket.”said Litzy and Melissa.

    “Yes it is .”said Avina.

    “Can you give it to us .”said Litzy and Melissa.

    “Sure if you have money .”said Avina.

    “How much is it.”said Litzy and Melissa.

    “Oh it’s only 20 dollar.”said Avina .

    “Aw we have only 19 dollars .”said Litzy and Melissa.

    “Well it’s okay if it’s one dollar sort .”said Avina.

    “Really !”said Litzy and Melissa.

    “Sure why not .”said Avina .

    “Okay can you give it to me now .”said Litzy and Melissa.

    “Sure !”said Avina .

    “Here it is “said Avina .

    “Wow it’s has designs on it .”said Melissa.

    “Now I got to get going.”said Avina.

    “Going were .”said Litzy.

    “Do what you got to do.”said litzy.

    “See you next time .”said Avina.

    “You too!”said Melissa and Litzy .

  7. I thought it was so funny when Litzy said “Do what you gotta do”. It was hilarious.

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