Script/Storyboard/Movie: Sarina’s The Weird New Kid

(Kat and Lucy)
“Did you hear about the new kid?”,said Kat
“I wonder what shes like”,said Lucy
“Hey shes coming towards us!”,said Kat
(I walk in)
” Hi my names Sarina!”,said Sarina
“OK!?”,Said Kat&Lucy
(I walk away)
“That was a little weird”,said Kat
“Totally do you still thik shes a real girl”,said Lucy
( I sneak behind them)
“What are you talking about”,said Sarina
“ahhhhh!”scream Lucy & Kat
(Lucy and Kat hug frightend)
“Umm we were just talking about what we’re doing at recess”, said Lucy
“From the planet I come from we don’t have recess”,said Sarina
“Your planet?”said Lucy
“Aha! I come from Mars we have robots there.”said Sarina
“It’s a good thing you’re not one.”said Kat
“How do you know I’m not one one one one.”said Sarina
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!”,scream Lucy & Kat
(They scream and run out)
“Works every time ha ha!”said Sarina.






  1. It sounds like its gonna be a great movie. I like how you say ” I come from Mars” and also when you say ” works every time ha ha.”

  2. You amaze me each time Sarina. Great project! Well written, acted and edited. There was a series of three scenes that could have been combined. Other than that, many people will be entertained by another creative production.

  3. I loved your facial expressions in your movie, Sarina! The ending of your movie was a big surprise. How did you come up with it?

  4. Your video was hillarious. I like the part where you tell them your from Mars. How did you come up with it? GREAT VIDEO!

  5. I really like your movie .I like the part when you tell them you’re from Mars! One question :where did you get the idea?

  6. I love how you guys act all innocent when Sarina comes in. I also liked how you acted like a robot like” one one one one”. How did you guys come up with that theme?

  7. Good job! I liked the part when you said i’m not one . What made you think of this video.

  8. i really like the movie.It was really funny. My favorite part was when you tell them you from mars.How do you come up with it?

  9. Your video is very funny. You guys are good actors.Why did you choose to make a video like this?

  10. I really liked this video. It was very funny. My favorite part was when you were repeating what you were saying.This video was cool. I was wondering how you thought of doing this video because this video was very interesting.

  11. I love your movie. I like how one of the character is from “Mars”. What made you think of having that character come from Mars?

  12. I really like how you said you were from mars and you said there were robots there. How did you come up with the idea.

  13. I liked your video. I liked the part you tell them that you are from mars and the other girls start to run out of the room and scream.

  14. I loved your show. I liked how your voices were and how you acted. Where are you at and who is taping?

  15. I like the dubble dutch that you girls made it was funny that it almost made me explode.

    Francisco, I removed your last name to ensure your privacy.

  16. I really liked the music choice. Also my favorite part was when Sarina said” Works eveytime.”The actors could have used more expression,not that they didn’t have expression but they could have used a little more. So far on, your movies are always great and I would love to see more.

  17. Your movie was very funny. The music choice was perfect. I liked the line when you said “It works every time”. Everybody in your movie used expressions.

  18. Hi,Sarina. I don`t know why that you say that you were from Mars anyway. Well it still a great movie to watch. Bye!

    • Hey Emily! We miss you! How is school over there?

      Watch your spacing. Instead of Hi,Sarina. Try “Hi, Sarina.”

      Leave a space in there ok?

  19. That was a great movie! Though, you could make the camera movement a little bit smoother. Everything else was fantastic!

  20. I liked your movie a lot! I thought it was funny when Sarina said “How do you know I’m not one one one one one” You guys did good not making the pause between talking to big but before the second time you saw Sarina you didn’t pretend to be talking.Other than that, you did great!

  21. It was funny! My favorite part was when you were acting like robot and when you said “hi”. It was well edited. you are a great writer.

  22. I liked it when you kept scaring Lucy and Kathryn.I did not really like how long it took you to get in the shot.:)

  23. This was a funny movie to watch! It certainly made me lol:)
    Mrs. Avey

  24. Sarina was pretty scary in this movie. The story was original and clever. I really enjoyed it. I know it’s hard with such great performances but the movie would be even better if the actors could refrain from laughing in the scenes, it takes me out of the story a little bit.

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