Movie: Melissa’s The Doubledutch Competition

Turn up your computer’s volume, please.

(Katherine jumps rope)

“Hey Katerine”,Melissa says.

“Yeah”,Katherine replys.

“Want to compete against me in doubledutch?”, Melissa asks.

“Sure why not I already know I can beat you”,Katherine said.

“Haha, don’t make me laugh I’m the best in class”,Melissa replied.
“I heard you”,Katherine said.

“I wanted you to”,replied Melissa.

“Are we going to play or not?!”,Katherine yelled.

“I just need to ask Gabby and Litzy if they want to hold the rope.”,Melissa replied.

“Hey Gabby and Litzy want to hold the rope?”,asked Melissa.

“Sure”,Gabby and Litzy replied.

“Who ever has the most counted wins”,Katherine adds.

“I’ll go first”,Melissa says.

(Melissa does doubledutch and then Katherine goes)

“Oh my gosh we got the same thing”,Melissa and Katherine Yell.




  1. I watched your movie .it was so cool . I would love to know how to double duch but I can’t . Anyways how did you think it.

  2. I really liked the expression in the actors. I’m surprized you know how to do doubledutch because I don’t. I would love to learn how to do doubledutch. Why was the volume so low?

  3. I think you could have turned up the sound because I could not hear Katherine say”I heard that” I like when you say “Oh my god we got the same thing.

  4. I kind of liked my movie I think I should talk more louder. I liked the shots it was really good. Thank you Crystina you made the shots really great.I liked the titles in my movie it was really great. I think the editing was in the middle.

  5. Hey guys great job!!!! It was hilarious!! Well done script!!
    The only thing i would think of improving on is the sound. maybe you could try to speak up a little or you can try to fix the microphone.Other than that, you guys did very well………
    keep up the good work!!!! =)

  6. I agree with Anya about the sound. I thought the end when they got the same thing was funny and I liked the music you played. You guys are pretty talented. I jump-roped today with a high score of 10.(Not double-dutch)

  7. That was a great job jumping rope! I also think the sound should be a little bit louder. The microphone needs to be a little closer.

  8. It was a cool movie. I like the titles they were cool. Great editing. I didn’t see any thing wrong.

  9. The actors talked too soft. You could have talked a little bit louder. I like the line when Kathryn said, ” I heard that!”

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