1. This video was awesome! There were a few mistakes here and there, like when Dakota ran off when Vivek fell. All in all, this movie was very good for being your first one.

  2. I really liked your movie but you need to turn down the music just a little bit. But out of the whole movie I think it’s good.

  3. Ricardo, your movie was laugh out loud hilarious with still being informational. The only suggestion I would have is you should have cut out a bit more of the empty space where people weren’t talking. But, besides that your movie was great, funny, informational and I had an amazing time watching it.

  4. I think your movie is great. In your next movie you should consider doing the music lower. Your movie is still really great.

  5. Vivek was really funny, Ricardo. But the sound effects were a little to loud and I couldn’t hear Vivek. I enjoyed your movie a lot.

  6. Wow!!! Really amazing!!! Your video was great. Vivek was really funny.

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