Script/Movie: Rachel’s The One of a kind Backpack

Rachel:”Hello earth and behond I’m hear to sell you a one of a kind item and it’s called the every thing holder or backpack.”

“You know how your always carrying your textbook,your papers,your pencils,lid pencil,your folders,and everything all falls apart and you can’t do anything about it.”

“Well not any more with the backpack.”

“The backpack also has a big pocket to hold all your textbooks,your folders, and your jackets.”
“The backpack also has a little pocket to hold all your pencils and if you don’t want to carryyour backpack it has straps to go on your back. ”

“Call (916)555-2891 or go to one of a kind backpack.com.”

“And if you call now you get two for the price of one it’s a $5 value for only $19.99 call now.”

“The backpack comes in plain black,strawberry short cake pink,jansport strip blue and brown. ”

“To order the one of a kind backpack call (916)555-2891 or go to one of a kind backpack.com.”



  1. Hi! I thought that your commercial was both funny and persuasive. I am impressed with your editing, especially towards the end when you made different styles of backpacks magically appear. I do indeed love my backpack!

  2. Well done Rachel !
    I was truly proud of my daughter and her one of a kind acting.
    Keep up the good job.
    Good job Mr. Alfonso I saw how well you taught your class good acting.

  3. I liked how you used the effect to show differt brands of backpacks. Kalia and Avina were in the scene when they weren’t suppost to.

    Good choice of music too. I really enjoyed that movie I really want a new EVERY THING HOLDER or “backpack”. LOL

  5. It was very funny in the begining I liked how the backpack just appeard the music really fits in the the movie. 🙂

  6. The movie was funny. I liked how the backpacks just appeared. In one of the scenes the camera was a little shaking. Otherwise the movie was well edited.

  7. This movie was very funny.
    When Rachel said the number, it was very fast.
    I didn’t like the part where you gave that signal.
    The backpack had a lot of detail.

  8. I thought this movie was funny.:)In one scene you could see Rachel do a little signal.:(That idea of making the backpacks appear was my idea and Rachel liked it!:()

  9. Rachel you are an great actress and writer. If I need help on what my 3rd movie is going to be about you’re the right person. You’re movie was really great I liked it because it was really funny. It was an awsome movie because you gave us a reason why we should buy it.

  10. Rachel,

    You are a natural at making movies! I really enjoyed watching you and your expressive abilty. Keep up the great work.

    Ms. Cheung

  11. Your expression was GREAT!!! I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the signal you made For them to come into the scene.

  12. I loved this commercial…I love to see the growth you have made in being vivacious!
    Mrs. Avey

  13. It was a great video. It made me realize that backpacks are cool.The the movie was very well put together. It looks like the kids worked really hard to make this movie.

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