Script/Storyboard/Movie: Emily’s Second

Script/Storyboard originally submitted 01/09/10 “Hi,Emily,”said Araceli. “Hi,Araceli,”I said. “So, want to play connect four?”aksed Araceli. “Sure,”I said. “Let`s get started,”said Araceli. (So Araceli went to get the game.) “Hmm…..,”I said. “What?”asked Araceli. “I`m thinking,’I said. “Oh,”said Araceli. (So we kept… Continue Reading


Script/Storyboard/Movie: Araceli’s Connect 4 Champion

”Araceli putting a coin in the slot.” ”Mr. alfonso putting coin into slot.” ”For a long time.” ”Hmmmmm.” said Araceli.” ”Araceli putting coin into slot.” “YES! I beat Mr. Alfonso!” cried Araceli.” “Noooooooo!” yelled Mr. Alfonso. “Great job Araceli.” “Thanks.”… Continue Reading


Script/Storyboard/Movie: Christina’s Katherine’s Win

That morning was the most memorable day of my life! I challenged a person to Connect 4. Foolishly, I made the worst decision of my life. Let’s play Connect 4 Kathryn!”said Christina. Kathryn replies,”It’s on!” “Okay!”answered Christina,”Let’s start right now.”… Continue Reading