Script/Storyboard/Movie: Emily’s Second

Script/Storyboard originally submitted 01/09/10

“Hi,Emily,”said Araceli.
“Hi,Araceli,”I said.
“So, want to play connect four?”aksed Araceli.
“Sure,”I said.
“Let`s get started,”said Araceli.
(So Araceli went to get the game.)
“Hmm…..,”I said.
“What?”asked Araceli.
“I`m thinking,’I said.
“Oh,”said Araceli.
(So we kept playing until.)
“I won yes!”yelled Araceli.
“Oh, I didn`t know that,”I said.
“Did you kept a secrect Emily?”asked Araceli.
“Yeah, I wanted you to win the game because you never win me before,”I said.
“Oh, thanks,”said Araceli.
‘So want to play it again?”I asked.
“Yeah!”yelled Araceli.
(We play and paly, until.)
“I won again!”yelled Araceli again.
(I fell asleep.)
“Emily!”yelled Araceli angerly.
“Emily I won the game again?” asked Araceli. ”
What Araceli,”I said.”I won the game,”said Araceli.
(I went to sleep again.)
“Wake up please?”said Araceli.





  1. It had a great music choice but it was short. Also she could have used different shots/angles. The actors had great enthusiasm. Also it was a really great narrative.

  2. The movie was great and all.But the game was really short. Other than that it was good.

  3. I agree with Adrian,Jazmine,and Melissa that the game of Connect Four4 is really short and fast. But still a very good I like the part when Emily says “I’m thinking,”

    • Hi,Lucy. I really miss you. Thanks for commenting my movie. You`re right about the movie was too fast. So bye.

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