Script/Storyboard/Movie: Crystina’s The Game of Checkers

“Hey, Crystina I bet I can beat you in Checkers “,said Jazmine.
“I bet you can’t”, told Crystina
“Yes, I can”,Told Jazmine
“No,you can’t”said Crystina
“Thats what you think but I know I can”, said Jazmine
“Find then its on”, told Crystina.
“Okay then”, told Jazmine
(Setting up Checkers)
“You wanna go first”, asked Crystina
“Sure”, replied Jazmine
(Started Playing)
(Staring At Each Other)
“Hey , who’s winning”, asked Crystina
“Its a tie right now”,told Jazmine
(On The Last Move)
“Man, I lost “, said Crystina
“Thats okay, you did your best”, said Jazmine
“Okay”, replied Crystina




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