Script/Storyboard/Movie: Araceli’s Connect 4 Champion

”Araceli putting a coin in the slot.” ”Mr. alfonso putting coin into slot.” ”For a long time.” ”Hmmmmm.” said Araceli.” ”Araceli putting coin into slot.” “YES! I beat Mr. Alfonso!” cried Araceli.” “Noooooooo!” yelled Mr. Alfonso. “Great job Araceli.” “Thanks.” said Araceli.





  1. You had great expression and used great shots. At the end on the encredits you mispelled a word.

  2. It was great but you need to spell something right at the encredits BUT IT WAS REALY cool

    You need to spell end credits correctly – Mr. A

  3. Araceli, I like the part that Mr.Alfonso did a slow motion of saying “Nooooooo.” I really like it. Also it was funny to.

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