Script/Storyboard/Movie: Kyle’s The Game of Connect Four

Voiceover during it showing the building then does slow zoom towards window Me:”Owwwwwww man,I hate inside recess.” Johnny:”Why don’t we just play connect 4 ” Me:”O.K.” Johnny:”I’m gonna go get the board.” Me:Let’s set it up” Johnny:”Alright” Me:”Why don’t you… Continue Reading


Script/Storyboard/Movie: Gabby’s The Fantastic Backpack

“Are you tired of carring your books?” Gabby asked. “Yes.” replied Crystina and Sarina. “Are you tired of people slapping books out of your hands?” asked Gabby. “Yes.” replied Crystina and Sarina. “Well here is the new backpack!” announced Gabby.… Continue Reading


Script/Movie: Michael’s The Detetive

I am reading a book. My establishing shot The phone rings I answered and said, “Hello Detectives Agency ok I’ll be right over.” I interviewed the man he told me someone had stolen his lunchbox”. Later that day I was… Continue Reading