1. I really liked it but it could be longer. I liked it when we all say it at the same time.

  2. There could of been more information to by the binder. It was funny at the end when they all had the same binder.

  3. Need more information why we should buy the binder and why it is special. It was well edited and expressed very well.

  4. Chrystina you had good editing. You need more examples of why we should buy the binder.

  5. It was funny when they said the same thing! Crystina could have used more reasons to buy a binder. 🙁

  6. It was well directed and edited. But I think I could’ve gave more facts about the binder.

  7. That was funny !

    But what you need to do is add binder paper and homework and more and I think you should put a close up at the end when you were showing the binder .

  8. It was fast. You could use some intresting action in there. It was great. I like the way that Katherine,Lucy,and Gabby did the lines together nicely.

  9. Hi,Crystina. I miss you a lot, but your cormmercial was too fast but it still well to watch it. So bye.

  10. Great acting! I also liked how you separated the scenes with a title to explain the transition. I agree with the other viewers who think that you could have included more ideas about how the binder is great.

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