Script/Storyboard/Movie: Gabby’s The Fantastic Backpack

“Are you tired of carring your books?” Gabby asked.
“Yes.” replied Crystina and Sarina.
“Are you tired of people slapping books out of your hands?” asked Gabby.
“Yes.” replied Crystina and Sarina.
“Well here is the new backpack!” announced Gabby.
“It has two pockets. One to put your books in and one to put you pencils in.” Gabby said.
“Lets try it.” asked Crystina and Sarina.
“Wow, I love this backpack.” said Crystina.
“Now we don’t have problems.” said Sarina and Crystina.
“If you want one, just call 555-0129and you will get one.” said Gabby.
“It comes in black with stars and black.” said Gabby.
” Again call 555-0129 and you will get one.” said Gabby.





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