Script/Storyboard/Movie: Gabby’s Second Movie

“Hey Sarina,” said Gabby.
“What?” replied Sarina.
“Do you want to race me?” asked Gabby.
“Sure, but I warn you if you race me I’ll win,” bragged Sarina.
“That’s it, your on!” yelled Gabby.
“Hey Diana, Do you want to be the person to say go?” asked Gabby.
“Sure,” replied Gabby.
“On your mark, get set, go!” Diana yelled.
“Yes I won!” Gabby bragged.
“I knew you would win,” said Sarina
“You did?” asked Gabby.
“I did,” said Sarina.

Storyboard originally submitted 01/09/10





  1. I liked the attitude that the actors had. On one scene we couldn’t hear Gabby. I noticed that she was running then it showed Gabby’s feet and she wasn’t running then it showed her again and she was running.

  2. You need to work on not putting you hands in your pockets. I can barely hear your lines. I liked the expression.

  3. Why was Gabby running around in the establishing shot? There was great expression,but why did it have a STAR WARS ending

  4. I thought it was great.But you started running then started walking. I think you could work on that.Other than that it was perfect.

  5. Your movie, doesn’t have enough attitude and we don’t understand it. It was well written and well edited.

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