Script/Storyboard/Movie: Avina’s Second Movie

Script originally submitted 12/19/09

“Hey chicken come here !’ said Rachel.
” Who you calling a chicken !” said Avina.
“I’m calling you a chicken!” said Rachel.
“Are you trying to say you want to battle me !” said Avina.
“Yes I’m trying to say that” said Rachel.
“Okay lets battle then!” said Avina.
“Then bring it on !” said Rachel.
“I’ll bring get on!”said Avina.
“You can never beet me at all!” said Rachel.
“I could beet you !” said Avina.
“No you can’t !” said Rachel.
“Yes I could!” said Avina.
“Lets see who the chicken!” said Avina.
“Okay I would!” said Rachel.
“The tetterball bang on the pole!” said Avina.
“AHHHHH I could never lose to a chicken!” said Rachel.
“I won now you the chicken!” said Avina.

Storyboard submitted 1/9/10






  1. At the beggining, there was no narrative. But you both used great expression. At the end , the music was too loud I couldn’t hear Avina talking.

  2. It was great acting and you had great expression. One scene the chess board just popped up out of now where. Why was the narrative at the end and why did it show you saying it? Also there was long pauses.

  3. I couldn’t hear the narration. There was great expression. I liked the shots. I could see Gabby smiling in every line. I really liked the second movie.

  4. thanks but im just leaving it the same way it was but thaks for what you wrote it was really nice of you

  5. The movie was great and all.But why was it like pausing. Other than that the movie was great.

  6. You and Gabby both use expressions. There was this one scene that the chess board just popped up out of nowhere. Why did you put your narration at the end and I could see you reading it? I like how you make Gabby move so that you guys can’t play again.

  7. I thought that the movie was really cool and i think that you guys should put a narrative in begining but other wise it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    Renee:I thought the movie was really intresting but I think next time at the end you should shakehandes and say good game!!!

  8. I like that there is only the one white piece and the black piece left and the white won.

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