May 19


If you could live anywhere in the world except the US where would you live?

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    I’ll live in Canada because it’s close to the United States.

  2. brianna

    I would live in los angeles or paris. I would live there to see what kind of things i would be able to do. Because then i could see that it is fun or very fancy in those two places which sound very fun to me.

  3. isaac lucas

    I would Live in San Diego and it will be fun. there is warm weather and I always won’t To go there so i can have fun and look Around there. and at night time it looks nice and the lights.

  4. ivan

    If I could live anywhere I would live in the wild because I like the outdoors and the animals.In the wild I like to build tools and to build a house and the last thing I like to find my own food in the wild.

  5. kaitlyn

    i would love to live in Los Angels Hollywood because i think it’s so amazing to see the famous people just walking in the streets.

  6. myles

    If i could live anywhere except the us then i would live any where but the us then. That´s where i would live if i coudnt live in the us.

  7. Tanisha

    I would go to Paris because that was my dream place. Another reason I would go to Paris is because I think Paris looks really nice. Finally, I would go to Paris is because I want to see how there scooter thing works.

  8. Amanda

    I would either live in France or Mexico because it is beautiful in France. I would live in mexico because that is were my parents were born.

  9. LeeAustin

    I would live in china its the best place seen yet on movies and tv shows also i want to live there because i could see some of my favorite movie stars.

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