May 25


What if you could change places with your parents for a day? What changes would you make at home?

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  1. isaac lucas

    I will change my room and get some chips so I can relax and go home and do homework and get some books to read.

  2. (-_-) (~(>.>)~ Kennethy \(^.^)/(( v(T.T)v Kennethy (v(o.o)v (-._-.) ~(oOo)~ Kennethy -(^.^)>) ~(o.o)~) Kennethy o(o.o)o) -(TOT)- Kennethy ~(oOo)~ ~(^.^)~)

    I’ll yell at my parnets like they always yell at ME. I’m like getting tired of them bossing me around. So I’LL do the same. MUAHAHAHHAHAHHA >:D

  3. Amanda

    I would not make any changes because I am fine with my parents rules and they are okay.

  4. ivan

    If I could changes place with my parents for a day I would changes the house and changes one bedroom and that would be mind.

  5. daniel

    i would change my bed room a very different way with a lot video games and a king size bed just for me and to play video games.

  6. isaac lucas

    I would change my moms room and change it to my room and I can have fun. also reading books and trying to get a A plus.

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