May 3


Write or tell two sentences for two words below. Be sure to use the word as a noun in one sentence and as a verb in the other sentence. Click on a word to check your answers.

crash pet dance cut paw
dread post string smell fire
wish fight pack love color
shape break track farm point
bend corner shot spring might
police stamp trick crack taste
burn walk whisper tire shine
trap camp bomb shop place
cover staple shout float station
plan talk fence swing name
set paint cry store shell
map block pay touch review
list brush snack cure fit
guess respect oil dress thunder
snap paper board snow field
stop hope wash hit flood
raise soil pin picture mark
spy crown spell hold fool
skate attack lounge shovel pump
jerk grin rub dream drill
roast trade doctor fish help
crowd bowl joke roll chain
signal mistake harm blossom whistle
junk patch master guard beach
report drug salt wiggle hammer
scare notice share trust light
degree nursery course grave digest

Go here to check your work.

May 3


It is ten years from now. Write a letter to an old classmate telling her about yourself. Where do you live? What do you do? How did you get where you are? What goals have you reached?