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  1. isaac lucas

    I will set it up and put 10 cups because there Is going to be people coming and there will be 5 chips so I need to multiply 5×10 and that will get me 50 so I need 50 cups for people to drink and 10 puch juice and 10 chips for them.

  2. (-_-) (~(>.>)~ Kennethy \(^.^)/(( v(T.T)v Kennethy (v(o.o)v (-._-.) ~(oOo)~ Kennethy -(^.^)>) ~(o.o)~) Kennethy o(o.o)o) -(TOT)- Kennethy ~(oOo)~ ~(^.^)~)

    I had 14 guests coming to the party. Everyone will get 3 cups of soda. How many gallons of soda will I need? 15×3=45%16=3
    3×16=48-45=3. I will need 3 gallons of soda.

  3. Amanda

    Math helps when you plan a party because you have to add or multiply or divide or subtract how many balloons you need table cloths or. How many cups,spoons,forks,plates,pinatas you need for a party and how many guest there are. That is how math helps you plan a party.

  4. leilani 101

    You can add up the cost of ONE MILLION BALLOONS HAHAHA (EVIL LAUGH).IT WOULD BE LIKE…MA’am you are writing in caps….I COULDN’T FIND ANOTHER DIRECTOR SORRY…(humming) is it to late now to say sorry….ABOUT HIM.SHUT*p.IT WOULD be like 1,000 DOLLARS….ohhh i see what you mean my bad.CURSE YOU for being right.THIs story is over byeeee.

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