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Through a telescope…

Monarch Butterflies

Monarchs love to live in Eucalyptus trees.

We visited a grove of trees where Monarch butterflies come every year, and here are a couple of pictures I took by putting my camera right up to the telescope.

(p.s.–Mr. Bright says, “Hi!”)

We are halfway through!

Mr. and Mrs. Bright

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if any of you have tried to come to our class website yet. If you have, leave a comment here and tell us something you’ve been doing this month.

I am officially married now. If I can get a picture to attach, I’ll share one or two with you. It was a perfect day! We aren’t going to Hawaii, but chose somewhere different. If you want to guess where, you can leave a guess here. Let’s see who can get the closest.

Have a fun time, and I’ll see you on Monday, March 5th! :)

Hello Third Grade!

Hi everyone! 

Well, it took awhile to get our blog customized for our class, but here it is.  It isn’t perfect, but hopefully you can find some things to check out.  I left on some of the older posts from last year that I thought you might find fun or interesting.  I hope you enjoy our class’s blog!

Miss Roth (Mrs. Bright)

Spring Birds in Sacramento

redwingrobinI have been noticing a lot of springtime birds around lately, especially the red-winged blackbird.  I even saw a robin yesterday.  (People often think of the robin as the first sign of spring.)  I’m wondering if you have been noticing birds around you more since our field trip to the Yolo Bypass.  Tell us about what you have seen.

Photos from Hawaii

We had a request for some pictures from Hawaii. Here are a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them!

Sunset is starting at the beach.

Sunset is starting at the beach.

Sailboats at sunset.  This was always a very pretty time of the day.

Sailboats at sunset. This was always a very pretty time of the day.

There were lots of pretty rainbows to enjoy!
There were lots of pretty rainbows to enjoy!
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