May 28

May 28 Who Am I?

1. I was a British commander who was tricked into thinking that the Patriots were going
to attack New York. Instead, they surrounded Yorktown and forced my surrender on
October 19, 1781.

2. When a large crowd of colonists gathered outside the Customs House, I yelled that
the way to get rid of the “lobster-backs” was to attack the main guard. The British
soldiers fired into the crowd and I, along with four other men, was killed. This became
known as the Boston Massacre.

3. I was a key commander for the Patriots. I was given command of West Point, but in
order to raise money to pay off debts I had acquired, I schemed to tell the British how
they could attack and defeat this key fort on the Hudson River. Although the
Americans discovered my plan, I managed to escape and became an officer in the
British Army. For my deeds, I will forever be known in the U.S. as a traitor.