May 18


Describe a dream that you had recently. Provide as many details as possible.

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  1. Brianna

    I had a dream about a house elf named dobby from harry potter and the chambers of secrets. The dream was dobby tried to save someone’s life from the heir of slytherin which peope think is draggo malfoy because his dad is voldemort’s minion.

  2. LeeAustin

    A dream I had recently was a zombie dream it was a dream about a virus that got out so then it became a outbreak so people got sick then evolved into a gray walking zombie that at only your brain.

  3. ivan

    The dream that I recently is seeing all my uncle and ant because I have not see them in 3 years.

  4. Tanisha

    My recent dream is when I got a dog. It started off when I went somewhere for my birthday and then my parents brought me a surprise then they showed it to me and it was a dog.In reality my parents would say no for a dog.

  5. kaitlyn

    i have been dreaming recently that i am Luke’s life and
    he is in a band called #5 seconds of summer -#5SOS he plays the rhythm guitar,vocals, writes songs and leader of the band

  6. Ericka(^.^)

    I had a dream that i went to disney land and we were there for 3 days and it was amazing i went on all the rides and i night i got to see the fireworks and there was a glow in the dark parade it was an amazing dream when i told my mom about she said “dreams come true” which is really weird because the other day i heard her talking to a person that works at disney land and scheduling on June 12 which is my birthday so…..

  7. (~(>.>)~ \(^.^)/(( v(T.T)v Kennethy (v(o.o)v (-._-.) ~(oOo)~ Kennethy -(^.^)>) ~(o.o)~) Kennethy o(o.o)o) -(TOT)- ~(oOo)~

    I was dreaming of something weird… It’s like super weird. But… Heeeeere we go… I was in Minecraft I broke my fist from trying to punch wood. It was impossible to get wood. I looked behind me I was all like (-_-) ~Wow… It was a bonus chest. When I looked inside MANY CREEPERS SPAWNED AND KILLED ME then I had to respawn again. I… was in the same place. But when I respawned, everything reseted. I said,” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” I still couldn’t punch wood. 🙁 The End!

  8. Eric G

    i dream i was at a breach there was a house with all the games in the world . i was going to the house to play a game when a big tsunami wave drowned me.

  9. isaac lucas

    my was about teachers leting kids have a break for 1 day and the next day there was kids tired and they had to do lots of paper work.

  10. Isaiah Lucas

    I had a dream that I am doing a backflip and landing .When I try I land on my head and never do it like I am so close doing a backflip.

    But I have that scare spirit that I am going to break my neck or my legs I am so scare to do a backflip but I am still working on my backflip I am also wacthing youtube “How to do a Backflip”. 🙂 🙁

  11. shephali

    One dream I recently had was about me, an elephant, and a really really annoying chipmunk skydiving and then everyone disappeared I wake up floating on a river with a waterfall at the end of it and then I fall down the waterfall and wake getting yelled at by my mom to wake up for school.

  12. T_T Leilani T_T

    My newest dream was so weird.I was at the carnival with one of my friends i couldn’t make out which one.We were walking.And on our way of the roller coaster.We were going to the food stand.When i was awaken.Then i fell back asleep.And then some other dream came up.weirdddd.

  13. amanda

    My most recent dream was about me eating ice-cream and went to a factory and it was really cold but the ice-cream was really good. that was my most recent dream.

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