May 19


“What would you do with one million balloons?”

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  1. Donny

    I would have already suffocated in them because i would have too much and it would over my whole house even more then that it would cover the all of Sacramento and everyone would suffocated.

  2. isaac lucas

    I would make a air Ballon for Everyone In ms penrose class and we would have fun and go high. we Will race and See who would win the race.

  3. kaitlyn

    if i had one million balloons i would give them to my mom because my mom always wanted to give something to the kids that have cancer

  4. brianna

    I would tie them together. Then i would by a curved bench or couch and then put a a circled basket that is big. I would make an hot air balloon that could fly in the air for a few days.

  5. ( (-_-) (~(>.>)~ Kennethy \(^.^)/(( v(T.T)v Kennethy (v(o.o)v (-._-.) ~(oOo)~ Kennethy -(^.^)>) ~(o.o)~) Kennethy o(o.o)o) -(TOT)- ~(oOo)~ ~(^.^)~)

    Pop them all. XD Gonna make a balloon trail that when you pop a balloon, another one pops then it pops till the end.

  6. ivan

    If I have a million of balloons I would sell all the balloons and if I get money I would help the homeless people that needed help and give them food.

  7. Amanda

    If I had one million balloons I would waste my time popping them. I would love to pop most of them well I would make a party also for no reason and just use them for the party. I would either do one of those things. With a million balloons.

  8. Myles

    If i had one million of balloons I would probably jump off my house into pool. thats what i would do with one million balloon

  9. Tanisha

    Something I would with a million balloons will be that I would give it to people. I would give some of balloons to people because lots of children likes balloons. Another reason I would do to with millions of balloons is that I will fly with the balloons.

  10. Eduardo

    I would put all of them in one spot. Then I would get on some thing high and just jump on to the balloons.I would keep doing it until I run out.

  11. Isaiah LUcas

    I would do with a Million balloons is share my balloons then I would say everybody good then they would say yes Oh yea then I would give my balloons to little kids I would give all my balloons to the kids that have cancer I just fell pore for them now I’m crying 🙁 I just can not help it I am so so sorry kids and other people who does have cancer I am sorry very very sorry:(. :3


  12. LeeAustin

    If I had a million balloon’s I would tie it to my house then it would fly away and then I could have a free life with being a maid and do everything in the house.Hahahaha!

  13. Monica .M.

    What would I do when I have one million ?

    What would I do when I have one million balloons is to test it if it flys.I always wanted one million balloons because I wanted to fly like a bird but with balloons.Why? Because in books researches and other says that if I have a lot of balloons i could fly up and up.I also saw a movie called up that this cartoon old man had one thousand of balloons and she flew with his house so….. I also thought if it was true if you would fly up in the air or earth.but i think that is possible if you had one million balloons and fly. So what you do when you have one million balloons do it in the blogs ok 🙂

    Monica .M.
    Hope you enjoyed 🙂

  14. shephali

    If I had one million balloons I would ues it to float in the air and look down at the world

  15. Haylie

    If I had a million balloons i would fly over the country and if it can take me higher than i would go to the moon.

  16. leilani

    One Day on May 23 ,2016 it was 8:00 pm. And the power was out.A rock hit my window.And shattered the window.It had a note…..Try …..proactive….When i read the note it said PARTY!!!!!!!.There was a lot of people at my house including KIT-KAT-aka Ericka.She was kittie-kats bestfriend-aka leilani.It was a costume PARTY WOOO WOOO!!Me and ericka…some guy helping me with my AWESOME movie-You did not use the right names.Kittie-kats-Wait what are you talking about.Oh I see what you….WAIT WHY ARE YOU INTERRUPTING ME DO YOU NOT SEE ME MAKING A MOVIE -_-!!!Any way we dropped all the balloons into a pool..Some Guy-Wait aren´t you going to finish your sentence before.Me- I don´t want to now because of you.SHHH!!!And we jumped and had so much fun.

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