Jeremy’s “How to Hit a Baseball”

Jeremy wrote and directed his movie. Landyn was the actor. Alexie was the director’s assistance.


A1] Hi i will teach you how to hit a baseball.
A1] First, you need a bat.
A1] Then you have to bend your knees and elbow out.
A1] Finally you have to swing straight and hard.
A1] know you know how to hit a baseball.



  1. I really like the movie. But next time don’t cut off the persons voice. For the most part I liked it.

  2. Jeremy that was a great movie because i don’t actually know how to hit a baseball.

  3. Good job Jeremy. It was a good movie. So when people see your movie it can help you

  4. Jeremy that movie was great the pacing was good Landon talked a little to fast. I think you’re next movie should be about catching the ball.

  5. I like it because its nice. But your pacing is a little off. I liked it still.

  6. Jeremy i like your movie i think it,s awesome i think it can help someone who do sent know how to hit the ball

  7. I really liked your character he need a good job. I think next time to make sure that its not to dark and not to fast. But overall it was a great movie keep up the great work I can’t wait to see your next movie.

  8. Jeremy watching your movie Jeremy, it actually taught me how to hit a baseball. One thing you did incorrect was cutting your actor voice off. Jeremy your movie was still a great film to watch.

  9. very very good, but it could use some more info on actually how to hit a baseball. Amazing directing Mr.Figueroa

  10. Jeremy i liked your movie about how to hit a baseball. One thing you need to work on is keeping the camera steady. Anyways I think your video will help kids learn how to hit a baseball.

  11. Jeremy I liked the video. You might need to work on keeping the camera steady but it was a good video!! 😀

  12. thanks i really forgot how to hit over the days but now it came back to me

  13. bruh that was totally amazing you should do more tutorials and vids jeremy. 🙂

  14. you both did a great job and the video was cool, the one things that i agree with Brandon that you should add more info of how to hit the ball and how to hold the bat good , but on the other hand the video was still good and cool

  15. I think all the plays are great!! I would suggest more energy in the plays. Other than that I thought all of the plays were awesome!!!

  16. i really liked the part where you actually hit it, it was amazing and shocking too.it was a good one though.

  17. I think you did a good job on this video.Keep making more cool vids! 🙂

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