Alex’s “The Bad Hair Day”

Alex wrote the script. Alex and Lela co-directed the movie. Landyn, Graciela and Kaylee were the actors.



  1. Great job directing Alex and Lela! Your actors were so trusting of you. Can’t wait to see your next production.

  2. Wow Alex it was a good movie. Some parts that could have been fix’s is where they put water on Landon because the girls where laughing but it was still good. Great job Alex it was good movie.

  3. I really like your characters they did a great job. I think next time make sure they don’t laugh in the movie. I also really liked your movie keep up the great work and i can’t wait to see your next movie

  4. It was funny when kaylee put water on Landon hair. I think it was good when Alex put Mr. David in her movie.

  5. I like how there’s action scenes. A little bit on the fast side. But overall it was great.

  6. The movie was good. The movie didn’t make sense. But overall the movie was good.

  7. Alex I really liked the music you added in the beginning and end of your movie.

  8. The movie you made Alex it was ok to me just not to make people get in the way when the movie starts

  9. It was really funny and amazing to me. One way u can improve your future movies is to not have your actors hesitate and laugh. Also, the way the movie was made was very great and smooth.

  10. Great movie Alex but i think that you should have trimmed the part where Jose ducked but i really loved your movie .I loved the part where Kaylee washed his hair keep up the good work cant wait to see the next movie

  11. I like the part where the to actor put water on Landyn’s head. There was one more step and it was comb the hair. I really like your movie.

  12. It was a fun movie. I think we can improve the choppiness. In conclusion it was a joyful movie.

  13. It did it make sense because running was first and you put the one’s that we retake but you did a good job in making your movie and keep the work!!!!!!!!

  14. This is awesome and kind of funny too! Maybe you should make your actors count to three thousand first because I saw the director’s assistant. But this is funny and great movie!

  15. Alex i liked your movie because it was really funny. One thing i think you should fix is to cut the extra scene in the your movie. Alex this movie was a really fun film.

  16. The girls need to relax and now what are they saying,Good but needs more pratice

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