Zoe’s “How to Divide a Whole Number by a Fraction”

Zoe wrote and directed her movie. Adam was the director’s assistant. Metztli and Julissa were the actors.


A1: Hi _____________. How are you doing?

A2: (sounds gloomy)Hey__________. I’m not doing so good. If I get an F on our 8.4 math quiz, I don’t get to go to the skating rink.

A1: Maybe I can help. I can teach you 8.4.

A1: First we need a problem. Let’s try 9 divided by 1/3. (writes on board)

A1: Then to change 9 into a fraction you put a 1 underneath it and a fraction bar between it.(writes down)

A1: After that you bring down the 9/1 and change the division into multiplication.(writes down)

A1: Next switch the 1/3 into 3/1 and bring it down.(writes down)

A1: Finally you multiply. 9/1 times 3/1 equals 27/1. Your answer is 27 over 1.(writes down)

A2: Thanks for helping me!

The Next Day

A3: Here is your test _________.

A2: Ya! I got an A+ on my test!



  1. Zoe your movie was amazing. If someone needs help on dividing whole numbers by fractions. Cant wait to see your other movies.

  2. Good job Zoe. You forgot to put my name at the end. Otherwise it was fun working with

  3. Zoe i think your movie was great it can help someone who needs help on a math promple

  4. Great pacing and great acting Zoe. Maybe you should have said how to divide a whole number with a fraction. I really loved the end though!

  5. Zoe I liked your movie because of how you edited. One thing you should tell your actors is to say their lines more smoothly. Still your movie was very accurate.

  6. I really like how the pacing was in the movie. One thing you can improve on is the actors, but no matter what it was great.

  7. I like the part where one of your actor was jumping because she got a A+. You could have made it scene a little. Great movie.

  8. Great job on your movie .I love how your effects on your credits are. I noticed that it was a little fast .I love your movie and that is all i can say it is so awesome.

  9. i like the way how your actors acted and how you did your music and also how you directed your actors where good and the way how she got an a on the test and how she got so proud

  10. Your movie was great zoe. But you should have said it was in go math. Great movie though.

  11. I liked your characters they did a good job. Next time make sure they know what type of math where its from like from a math book or something. But overall it was a good movie for your first time i can’t wait to see your next movie.

  12. I think you did a good job as a director. Keep it up ! Can’t wait to see your next movie

    • I think you did a good job as a director. Keep it up ! Can’t wait to see your next movie.

  13. my thanks goes to julissa ( sorry if i didnt spell it correctly) for teaching metzli to divide a whole number by a fraction

  14. God job. Metzli and Julisa did great in this movie! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. good one i cant even make a short film like that .good work!keep it up to your next one if you have another film! 🙂

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