1. Iggy could read a bit more smoother. I think I could read more slower in one of the scenes. I liked the music at the end of the movie. The most part I really liked was that we were all pretty brave again to sing in front of the camara when we all know how much people are going to see this movie. I learned how to do sticky notes for a reading test by the steps.

  2. Nicole and Jasmin I like how you tell us how to use sticky notes and that sticky notes only works sometimes. I like how you two told us how to do it. Ashley S. you could of acted more sad when you said “I got an F” and that’s the only thing that you can improve on.

  3. Nicole and Jasmin, you really gave alot of info because you gave examples like, me, fyi, st, ch, pr, and ps. You set a great example for our school and our class by not fooling around when making it.

  4. Nicole and Jasmin’s Movie
    I liked how you you were able to be brave enough to sing in front of the camera. I liked the music in the beginning and the end of the movie.I think Jasmin could read a little slower in one of the scenes. I
    learned how to use sticky notes when you are taking a test.

  5. I like that you guy’s talked loud enough.I don’t understand why Ignacio, Jasmin, and Nicole got up for no reason.

  6. I liked the music at the beginning and end , I also enjoyed the expressions you used. I think you could improve in reading slower in some scenes but others were great. I learned that using sticky notes can help me do better by the “FYI” “EM” and many more.

  7. When i said “I got an F?!?” & “I got an A!”i could’ve used a little bit more expression. But next time when i do a video like this, for sure I won’t do the same mistakes i did this time. What i learned from this video is that sticky notes will sometimes help you pass a reading test but it won’t always work on some questions you have.

  8. Jasmin & Nicole

    I liked the music you put in the beginning and the end of your movie. You also did a good on reading with alot of expression. Tghe last thing I liked was that all of you were brave enough to sing in front of everyone who is going to see your movie. But Ignacio kind of messes up on his lines on one of the scenes. I learned that when we do sticky notes the answer won’t always be on the sticky note. You did great!

  9. Nice Movie! I really liked the last part when Iggy said “jk, jk” . Great lines and nice acting. Please Tell Ashley to simle. I leaned how to pass a reading test by using Sticky Notes. And Sticky Notes can help you understand the most important things that happen in a story.

  10. “I got an F !?!”Ashley S. said to herself in astonishment
    (POP IN) “We know what can help you.” Jasmin tells her
    “Really? What” Ashley S. questioned Jasmin
    “Two words. Sticky Notes.” Nicole answered for Jasmin
    “What are sticky notes?” Ashley S. said confused
    (Jasmin, Nicole, and Iggy: look at each other and nodded)
    “Maybe this will help. One, Two, Three, .” Nicole said with a smirk on her face (Use fingers to count as you say the #s aloud)
    Nicole, Jasmin, Iggy:(Jump on the desk)
    “Sticky Notes x2
    That’s what you need
    when you’re taking the test
    With information FYI
    Main events and settings”

    “Sticky Notes x2
    They’ll help you pass
    That test
    With minor, major problems
    Problem solved PS”

    “Sticky Notes x2
    Emotion, EM
    Character, CH”

    “Sticky Notes x2
    Take the best and leave the rest” They all sang to explain in a more fun way.

    “Sorry but i still don’t get it.” Ashley S. informed them
    “Sticky Notes! That little yellow, sticky things we usually play with underneath our desk.”(Jump off desk just Iggy & Jasi)
    “Oh. Those are called sticky notes?” Ashley S. said in a question
    “Yes Ash they’re called sticky notes. It’s what you use to take down notes or in this case what you use to point the more important information in the story” Nicole explained further(Jump off desk)
    “Oh so like during the test instead of going back to the story and reading the whole story over, I could just find the sticky note that tells me what I need to know” Ashley S. answered
    “Exactly. But it doesn’t always work.” Jasmin informed her
    “What do you mean?” Ashley S. started to be confused again
    “Some of your test questions won’t be on one of those sticky notes. But for most you will have one.” Ignacio ended her confision
    “Oh okay, I get it.” Ashley S. made herself clear
    “Good luck on your test and remember STICKY NOTES.” Jasmin wished her good luck
    “Thanks and don’t worry I will.” Ashley S. thanked Jasmin
    “Step 1: Read the story.” Nicole says
    “Step 2: Reconize the important info” Jasmin says
    “Step 3: Write it down” Ignacio says
    “YES! I got an A!!” Ashley S. said happily
    “Congrats Ash. Told you, you could do it.” Nicole congratulated her
    “Yup we knew you could.”Jasmin agreed
    “Yup. Even I did.” Ignacio told her
    “Yeah but it’s only because of you guys.” Ashley S. corrected them
    “Not true. You could have done this with or without us.”Jasmin argued
    “You guys are the best.” Ashley S. told them
    “We know.”They told her intentionally to be funny.
    “JK JK” Iggy told her
    (All jump together)

  11. I liked your movie and I learned you can do sticky notes insteed of reading the whole book again. You guys talked loud enough for people can hear you. But iggy could improve on saying his lines better.

  12. Nicole and Jasmin your move was good. Nicole can improve on expression. I learned to always notes

  13. Nicole and Jasmin I liked the way you and Iggy were confident of singing the song.

    Nicole and Jasmin you could of told us how you make the sticky notes so people could learn how to make them.

    What I learned from the movie is that to always study for a test.

  14. I enjoyed the expressions you used. Ashley could had acted more sad when she got a F. I also liked how you went step by step on how to sticky note.

  15. I enjoyed the expressions you used. Ashley S. could had acted more sad when she got a F. I also liked how you went step by step on how to sticky note.

  16. I liked how they told and explained to me how to do sticky notes. I also liked your music. Your movie was great.

  17. I loved the song that Jasmin, Nicole, and the other boy sang. It was cute. Overall your movie was great

  18. I like the song and I like how you guys talk about sticky notes. Awsome!!!! But the movie was GREAT!

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