SEVA 2011 Entry: Not Doing Homework


Elexis: “Hi I am Elexis.”
Ashley: “Hi I am Ashley.”
Both: ” We are here to talk to you about homework.”
Elexis: ” Homework is very important because it’s what gives you your grades.”
Ashley: ” And if you don,t guess what will happen to them they will drop.”
Elexis: ” So your A+ just turned into a zero if you don’t do your homework.”
Ashley: ” The worst part is that is you have to call home or owe recess.”
Elexis: “Try calling your gardian about not doing homeork infront of the whole class.”
Ashley: “Now that’s the embarrasing part!”
Elexis: “So do yourself a favor and do all of your homework. ”
Ashley: “And you won’t get introuble with your teacher or your parent.”
Both: “So do all of your homework!”





  1. _______Elexis’s Movie____________________________________

    I liked when they talked loud enough for the audience could hear them.I think they could have talked a little slower. I learned that you need to do your homework.

  2. I can improve on my acting. I learned that you can drops your grades to a zero if you don’t do your homework. I like how Elexis tells about what will happen and what you do when you don’t do your homework.

  3. I liked how both of you read loud enough and I enjoyed the music and how there are no mispelled words. You can improve by keep looking at the camera. I learned that not doing your homework will make your grades drop.

  4. I really liked how the actors explained the consequences of not doing your homework. Also it really helps kids who don’t do their homework everyday. This is a very encouraging video and i like it.

    • Thank you for your complement. I really want to encourage even the sixth graders because they mostly have the most homework and some of them don’t do any!

  5. I like that you talked loud enough, but it’s like Ashley screamed at me.

  6. Elexis your move was good. Ashely and Elexis need to work on expression. I learned to always do your homework.

  7. like homework information notlike ahely speaking to loud do my homework

  8. Elexis, you’re movie is very educational. Ashley and you talked smooth and loud. You’re cutting was to fast on Ashley’s lines. I learned that missing homework makes you’re grades lower.

  9. I liked how loud they were speaking. I think they should talk a little bit slower. I learned that if you don’t do your homework your grades will drop.

  10. I like how they act good and they are loud. I don’t like is a part that Elexis is so quiet. I learn that you need to do your homework.

  11. You were loud enough so I can here her.Elexis can inprove on not staring or stopping.I learned to do my homework or else I will get in trouble.

  12. Elexis I liked the way you and Ashely were serious all the time not laughing.

    Elexis you couldn’t of splited the line with you and Ashely.

    What I learned is to always do your homework.

  13. I liked that you talked loud and clear so we can hear and understand you. Elexis,your movie was educational. I also learned why you have to do homework. I think you can talk a little slower. .I also learned that your grades drop from a A to a 0. The movie was great Elexis.

  14. Hi, it is I, Kyle. I thought the movie was GREAT!!! There weren’t many different shots, but that is okay. Keep up the great work!!!

  15. Hi I’m Kathryn I really like your movie .There could have been different shots instead of having the same shots. And I like how you guys talk loud. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  16. One time I didn’t do my homework and I felt very guilty.
    This video is a good reason to know why you need your homework.

  17. You should do your homework if you don’t you can get a bad education.

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