1. _______Breanna and Edith’s Movie__________________________
    I liked how they talked smooth and loud enough for the audience to hear them when they were asking the questions. I think they could ask more than one question.

  2. I liked how both of you read clearly and I enjoyed the music . I think you can improve by the camera movements. I learned that people celebrate by the lion dance because it respects their culture.

  3. Edith you could improve on talking louder. You also need to stop shaking too. You could of put the song in the beginning. I like how you guys spoke clear enough for us to under stand.

  4. Your camera had good angels and I liked your newsreporter speech in the beginning. One thing I noticed is that people (Breanna) were talking in the background.

    I learned that The Lion Dance has alot to do with respect.

  5. Nice Acting. I like the movie. It had many information on the Lion Dance. But you should have asked more than one question to learn more. I learned some very important Facts about the Lion Dance.

  6. I liked how you guys spoke clearly and loud for everyone to hear. But while Edith was speaking, she stumbled on saying what she was going to say. The only thing i would say to improve on is practice reading your lines before you say it in front of the camera. I learned that in order to be apart of the Lion Dance, you need to be in martial arts for more than a year.

  7. I like how you guy spoke loud enough for us to hear. I think you guys should improve on expression. I leaned that it take alot of training to become a loin dancer.

  8. Thanks,you guys we agree with all your comments. Didn’t we add the music and the tittles at the end?

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