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Sheldon High School students pledged to #UnfollowBullying

For the second year in a row, Sheldon High School students pledged to #UnfollwBullying through a week-long awareness campaign at their school.


On Monday, January 27, Sheldon High School’s week-long campaign kicked off with a photo pledge booth set up for students to take a “Stop Hate” photo pledge and receive an #UnfollowBullying wristband. Throughout the week, anti-bullying statistics were displayed around the school – on flyers, posters, lunch trays, student store items and in the daily bulletin. In addition to the various activities, a slide show was presented in the cafeteria throughout the week highlighting statistics and public service announcements against bullying.


Each day of the week at Sheldon had a specific focus:

Jan. 27th

Jan. 28th

Jan. 29th

Jan. 30th

Jan. 31st

What is bullying? Cyberbullying Effects of Bullying – Depression, Suicide and School Violence How to get help “Being An Ally” & “Give a Compliment, Get a Compliment”

After the week-long campaign at Sheldon, #UnfollowBullying committee students plan to reach out to their feeder schools (Maeola Beitzel, Arthur C. Butler, Robert J. Fite and Mary Tsukamoto elementary schools and T.R. Smedberg Middle School) to help them create their own anti-bullying pledge walls, activities and possibly a mini-assembly hosted by Sheldon students to effectively reach out to the younger students.

High school students are continuing to take a stand against online cruelty. Students throughout the district are stepping up as a school community to inspire others to challenge and delete cyberbullying. Way to go Sheldon High School!

#KAMSunfollowbullying… Be the Change!

Katherine L. Albiani Middle School hosted their own Cyberbully Awareness Week in late January. The week was filled with different lunch time activities to promote positive digital citizenship. Students held a pledge day on Friday where they signed anti-bullying pledges in exchange for #UnfollowBullying wristbands.


Students partnered with Pleasant Grove High School in creating a video about cyberbullying that was shown during 3rd period on Friday and shared through School Loop. Students were also encouraged to create posters for the #KAMSunfollowbullying Art Competition. Students incorporated #KAMSunfollowbullying – Be the Change! into their poster artwork. The winning artist’s posters were displayed in the quad on Wednesday, January 29th.

Katherine Albiani Middle School

Across the district, EGUSD students continue to send the message to their peers that cyberbullying isn’t cool.  We invite all EGUSD schools to submit events, activities and lessons stemming from the #UnfollowBullying campaign.

Elk Grove Charter Students Speak Up!

Students at Elk Grove Charter School implemented their #UnfollowBullying campaign through a variety of venues. In January, Writer’s Club members Sam Dindayal, Kahlil Williams, Hope Reeves, Faith Reeves, Karina Guerrero, and Demetrious Woods presented an anti-bullying campaign that included a survey to their peers during their morning and afternoon classes. At the Elk Grove Charter Governance Committee meeting that evening, students Christina Law and Evan Tyler presented the results of the bullying survey to Board members, parents and students.

EG Charter students also produced two videos as part of their #UnfollowBullying campaign –  one showing an appropriate response and one showing an inappropriate response from bystanders when another student is bullied. The videos were shown during core classes, emphasizing the importance of students speaking up.

Video: #UnfollowBullying – What To Do 

Video: #UnfollowBullying – What Not To Do

EG Charter students were also  invited to sign the #UnfollowBullying pledge.

Art students created posters, which are now displayed  in classrooms as a reminder not to bully and to speak up against bullying.

Across the district, EGUSD students continue to send the message to their peers about cyberbullying: It’s Not Cool! As we head into the end of the school year, we warmly invite all schools to submit events, activities and lessons stemming from the #UnfollowBullying campaign.


If You See It, Stop It – #UnfollowBullying at MTHS

Students at Monterey Trail High School (MTHS) stepped up to take a stand on cyberbullying — an issue that negatively impacts students’ lives during and beyond the school day. EGUSD implemented Digital Citizenship Curriculum in grades 7-12 this school year.  With the support of their teachers, MTHS students delved into the topic of cyberbullying during their advocacy classes.

MTHS students brought these lessons to life by transferring them into their #UnfollowBullying campaign. The activities included a pledge week where students signed anti-bullying pledges and left positive messages on the school’s  pledge wall, for the entire campus to see.

Each student who pledged to stand up to cyberbullying received one of the campaign’s popular blue #UnfollowBullying wristbands.

Blue Twitter birds and horseshoes representing MTHS school colors (green and yellow) and the school’s mascot (the Mustangs) were used to showcase student messages.

If You See It, Stop It – Peace Love and Happiness – Do What You Love, Do You! were just some  examples of the positive messages displayed on the MTHS pledge wall.

MTHS is  planning a follow-up anti-cyberbullying assignment in advocacy classes and another week of pledge activities at the end of April. Our EGUSD students continue to take a stand against cyberbullying. Way to go MTHS!

Franklin High School promotes #UnfollowBullying

Students at Franklin High School sponsored a number of activities during their recent #UnfollowBullying week. Students had the opportunity to put a short message on a Twitter bird on Franklin’s Tree of Hope. The tree signified the hope that students would react to bullying when they saw it, and help educate other students on why they should not put down or speak negatively of other students. In addition to writing Twitter messages, students could create a hand print on the Tree of Hope. In a week’s time, the tree was covered with more than 700 anti-cyberbullying messages.

In exchange for signing the anti-cyberbullying pledge, students were given the blue #Unfollowbullying wrist bands which they proudly displayed. Approximately 800 students signed the pledge.

Games involving student interactions were also incorporated into the lunch time #UnfollowBullying activities. From limbo to musical chairs, students interacted in ways that showed mutual respect.

Students also created anti-cyberbullying posters that were displayed around the campus with uplifting messages and a reminder to treat others how they would like to be treated.

Way to go Franklin High School!


KAMS students step up to stop cyberbullying

KAMS student pledge

Katherine L. Albiani Middle School students have focused on “Being the Difference” in their school and communities throughout the year. KAMS students continued their  “Being the Difference” through the #UnfollowBullying campaign by taking a stand against school violence and those who are cyberbullies.

Students were asked to pledge the following:

  • I agree to step up and take a stand against cyberbullying.
  • I agree to support others who are targets of cyberbullying.
  • I agree to think before clicking on Submit.
  • I agree to “unfollow,” unfriend,” and “delete” cyber bullying.

KAMS #UnfollowBullying Team Posters

Students competed in a team competition for most signed pledges.
AMS Students

Students were also asked to create anti-cyberbullying campaign posters to be entered into a school wide #UnfollowBullying art contest – the first of its kind.  The campaign culminated with teachers facilitating classroom discussions about cyberbullying during third period.  Albiani Middle School has involved their parent community in the campaign through flyers, communications via School Loop and their Parent University.


Sheldon High School Students Speak Up Through Their Artwork

Sheldon High School promoted the district wide #UnfollowBullying campaign by having students pledge to do their part in preventing bullying from occurring around them. Students were given the #UnfollowBullying blue wristbands after pledging as reminders of their commitment.  Those with twitter accounts were given the opportunity to sign their Twitter names on Twitter bird cut outs. These cut outs were then displayed on a tree next to the  giant sized pledge poster.

Sheldon High School also created an official Twitter account and encouraged students to #UnfollowBullying.

Two hundred and eighty two SHS students came together to pledge to support #UnfollowBullying.

Sheldon did not stop there. They continued to weave the campaign into the classroom. Shawn Sullivan, founder of the Animation Program and animation teacher at Sheldon, encouraged his students to show support of the campaign through their artwork. The Animation and Game Design Program has grown to be one of the most popular programs at Sheldon and Shawn’s students did a brilliant job of  showcasing the blue #UnfollowBullying wristbands throughout their work.

Sheldon High school is stepping up as a community to inspire others to challenge and delete cyberbullying. Way to go Sheldon!


Valley High School students are taking a stand against Cyberbullying!

Valley started off the #UnfollowBullying campaign in late October during their Unity Day event. Students were invited to join a #UnfollowBullying club with the goal that the club would direct campaign activities throughout the month of November.

The first of the activities happened today, November 13, 2012. Valley High #UnfollowBullying club members set up a #UnfollowBullying banner and table where students could sign the #UnfollowBullying student pledge in exchange for one of the blue campaign wristbands.

According to the Valley High ASB Tweet sent out after the event, 133 VHS Vikings did just that.

Keep those pledges rolling in. Awesome job Valley!


#UnfollowBullying t-shirts at Florin High School

Florin High School students said no to cyberbullying on November 9, 2012, through t-shirts.  At lunchtime, in the quad, students and staff used markers to write #UnfollowBullying messages on plain white t-shirts which students brought to school.

In the cafeteria, students signed a pledge to unfollow bullying that was then placed on a giant sign hanging on the wall.

During the week of November 12, students are encouraging their classmates to purchase a Florin-specific #UnfolowBullying t-shirt created by Florin High teacher Bien Hoang.

Way to go Florin High School!


Edward Harris, Jr., Middle School students compliment #UnfollowBullying

Edward Harris, Jr., Middle School incorporated #UnfollowBullying into their school-wide anti-bullying campaign centered on the theme, “Be the Difference.” Once a month, the school has an anti-bullying focus. On November 8, 2012, that focus was on #UnfollowBulllying and compliments.

Staff and students wore the color orange, which is the school’s designated anti-bullying color. Students were encouraged to post positive comments online or to provide verbal compliments. As students enter campus they were greeted by students and staff who provided high-fives and compliments to start their day off right. In addition, throughout the day teachers greeted students at the door and allowed them 10 seconds at the beginning or end of class to give their neighbor a compliment.

“We think that oftentimes negative things are said or posted so we are trying to combat that by spreading positivity and posting positive comments,” said EHMS Activities Director Janice Escoto.

During Advocacy classes students filled out pledge cards to take a stand against cyberbullying. At lunchtime, when they turned the pledges in they were given #UnfollowBullying wristbands.

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