Students at Elk Grove Charter School implemented their #UnfollowBullying campaign through a variety of venues. In January, Writer’s Club members Sam Dindayal, Kahlil Williams, Hope Reeves, Faith Reeves, Karina Guerrero, and Demetrious Woods presented an anti-bullying campaign that included a survey to their peers during their morning and afternoon classes. At the Elk Grove Charter Governance Committee meeting that evening, students Christina Law and Evan Tyler presented the results of the bullying survey to Board members, parents and students.

EG Charter students also produced two videos as part of their #UnfollowBullying campaign –  one showing an appropriate response and one showing an inappropriate response from bystanders when another student is bullied. The videos were shown during core classes, emphasizing the importance of students speaking up.

Video: #UnfollowBullying – What To Do 

Video: #UnfollowBullying – What Not To Do

EG Charter students were also  invited to sign the #UnfollowBullying pledge.

Art students created posters, which are now displayed  in classrooms as a reminder not to bully and to speak up against bullying.

Across the district, EGUSD students continue to send the message to their peers about cyberbullying: It’s Not Cool! As we head into the end of the school year, we warmly invite all schools to submit events, activities and lessons stemming from the #UnfollowBullying campaign.