#UnfollowBullying Campaign Logo

Need the #UnfollowBullying logo to include in a news presentation, flyer or poster for your school? You can download them here by right clicking on the logo size you need. Right click and select “save link as” and navigate to the folder on your computer that you would like to save the logo to. The .PNG files are transparent and can be placed on any colored background. .JPG files will have a white background.

Large .PNG  |  Small .PNG  |  Large .JPG  |  Small .JPG

Speech Bubble Graphics

Downloadable blank speech bubble graphics from the #UnfollowBullying logo to include in your campaign projects.

Blue Bubble .PNG | .JPG
Pink Bubble .PNG | .JPG
Yellow Bubble .PNG | .JPG

Cyberbullying Definition/Stats

Could be used for: posters, news team reports or flyer handout

Click here to download 1-page .PDF

EGUSD Student Generated Campaign Ideas

The EGUSD Student Advisory group brainstormed a number of campaign ideas during the four meetings in the 2011-2012 and one in the 2012-2013 school years. The below list reflects the creative ideas they came up with to help carry out a successful student-led campaign on campus.

  • Tagline/Motto – Come up with a creative school specific tagline or motto to go with the #UnfollowBullying campaign.
  • Positive Pages – Create positive school Facebook and other social media pages instead of burn pages.
  • Publicity: #UnfollowBullying (Twitter) – Use popular social media sites to promote awareness.
  • Start a #UnfollowBullying Club – A place for students to promote awareness to the problem of cyberbullying and a safe place for students to share their problems.
  • Video Announcements/PSA – Create a video/PSA to play in the front office or at the beginning of news shows or on TV’s around campus.
  • Hand Stamps/Rubber Bracelets/Stickers  –Use as a reminder to be nice to others – similar idea to the rings used on thumbs to help stop texting and driving.
  • Create #UnfollowBullying Posters or Hold a Poster Contest – Use posters to display around school.
  • T-shirt Wall – Students wear plain white t-shirts that represent their Facebook wall. Other students use pens to write positive things on the white t-shirts during a supervised activity.
  • Personal Stories (Private) – Allow for students to share personal cyberbullying stories in a private setting with staff support.
  • Campus Lunch Time Activities or Games – Create activities with an anti-cyberbullying theme.
  • Hold ‘A week of Kindness’ or ‘Unity Day’ or ‘Stop Cyberbullying’ event.
  • School Bulletin Announcements – Add information about cyberbullying prevention to daily announcements the week of the campaign.
  • Create a Lip-Dub or YouTube Video – Using the #UnfollowBullying campaign theme.
  • Designated Wall – Designate an area on campus where students can pledge to stop cyberbullying.
  • Adapt a Unity Day Activity – For example: giant tree poster made of student hand prints, could be used again with the addition of birds representing Twitter and student #UnfollowBullying Tweets.
  • Pledge Signing Table – Students sponsor and supervise  a pledge table as a lunch time activity.
  • Leadership Students – Give #UnfollowBullying presentation.
EGUSD Student Generated Sample Tweets

  • Don’t hate, elevate. #UnfollowBullying
  • Be better than the bully. #UnfollowBullying
  • Kind intentions with the mentions. #UnfollowBullying
  • Use 140 characters for change. #UnfollowBullying
  • Think before you tag. #UnfollowBullying
  • Don’t be that one kid #UnfollowBullying
  • Class of 2017 agrees to #UnfollowBullying… so you should too!
  • It takes one tweet to start a trend #UnfollowBullying @School
  • Be sweet with your tweet. #UnfollowBullying
  • Don’t be bitter on Twitter. #UnfollowBullying
  • Tweet others as you would like to be Tweeted. #UnfollowBullying
  • Follow the trend… #UnfollowBullying @School
  • Don’t follow the crowd! #UnfollowBullying
#UnfollowBullying Student Pledge

Link to Student Pledge

#UnfollowBullying Poster Guidelines

If your school is creating posters or launching a poster contest as part of the #UnfollowBullying campaign, here are some guidelines to help you get started.

  • All hand drawn/painted posters should include the official #UnfollowBullying name.
  • All electronic designed posters should include the official #UnfollowBullying logo.
  • Text should be easy to read.
  • Check for grammar and/or spelling errors.
  • The message should clearly address the objective of the #UnfollowBullying campaign.
  • You may use any type of art media to create your poster, including photography with handmade computer graphics.
  • Do not use any copyrighted images without permission.
  • Simplicity is key.  Keep to the point, and don’t try to cover too many things.