Students at Monterey Trail High School (MTHS) stepped up to take a stand on cyberbullying — an issue that negatively impacts students’ lives during and beyond the school day. EGUSD implemented Digital Citizenship Curriculum in grades 7-12 this school year.  With the support of their teachers, MTHS students delved into the topic of cyberbullying during their advocacy classes.

MTHS students brought these lessons to life by transferring them into their #UnfollowBullying campaign. The activities included a pledge week where students signed anti-bullying pledges and left positive messages on the school’s  pledge wall, for the entire campus to see.

Each student who pledged to stand up to cyberbullying received one of the campaign’s popular blue #UnfollowBullying wristbands.

Blue Twitter birds and horseshoes representing MTHS school colors (green and yellow) and the school’s mascot (the Mustangs) were used to showcase student messages.

If You See It, Stop It – Peace Love and Happiness – Do What You Love, Do You! were just some  examples of the positive messages displayed on the MTHS pledge wall.

MTHS is  planning a follow-up anti-cyberbullying assignment in advocacy classes and another week of pledge activities at the end of April. Our EGUSD students continue to take a stand against cyberbullying. Way to go MTHS!