Students at Franklin High School sponsored a number of activities during their recent #UnfollowBullying week. Students had the opportunity to put a short message on a Twitter bird on Franklin’s Tree of Hope. The tree signified the hope that students would react to bullying when they saw it, and help educate other students on why they should not put down or speak negatively of other students. In addition to writing Twitter messages, students could create a hand print on the Tree of Hope. In a week’s time, the tree was covered with more than 700 anti-cyberbullying messages.

In exchange for signing the anti-cyberbullying pledge, students were given the blue #Unfollowbullying wrist bands which they proudly displayed. Approximately 800 students signed the pledge.

Games involving student interactions were also incorporated into the lunch time #UnfollowBullying activities. From limbo to musical chairs, students interacted in ways that showed mutual respect.

Students also created anti-cyberbullying posters that were displayed around the campus with uplifting messages and a reminder to treat others how they would like to be treated.

Way to go Franklin High School!